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Since opening in 1994, the Village Grille, nestled in the heart of Grosse Pointe and founded by North alum Dan Lemanske, has become a beloved fixture of the community. Over 30 years, the restaurant has grown from a cozy eatery to a spacious venue boasting a dining room, sports bar, arcade, soup & garden bar, and a banquet room—all while retaining the warm, family-owned spirit that defines us.

Our journey began in a 3,200 square foot space with just a few tables and booths. A year later, we welcomed our bar alongside a liquor license, and in 2009, we expanded into the McCourt building, adding another 4,400 square feet to include more amenities. Today, the Village Grille is a place where friends and families come to enjoy a wide variety of meals at reasonable prices, surrounded by the comfort of friendly faces and the excitement of sports games.

With Dan's son, Michael, stepping up with fresh ideas for the future, we're excited to continue serving and evolving with our community. Our menu caters to all tastes, our sports bar ensures you don’t miss a game, and our regulars—some joining us daily—speak to the quality and service we're proud to offer.

Here's to many more years of making memories together. Welcome home to the Village Grille.

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